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So, who is Tom Hutchins?

Hi, I'm Tom (or Hutcho, depending on who you talk to). I'm a Social and Campaign Manager at Bolster, and before that I was the second half of TEEF Recordings.
I OH YOU are currently lettting me ruin their blog with my ramblings about music. And I also waste money on 35mm film to take photos  of people, places and things.

I plan, create and execute social and digital campaigns for the brand world and the music world. And during TEEF's life (R.I.P.), I managed publicity campaigns and live events for the label. I've also worked  at Saatchi & Saatchi, was the editor of Purple Sneakers, and have written/worked for VICE/Noisey, DIY Magazine, Concrete Playground and more.


Why should I care about you, Tom Hutchins?

I care about music (just look at my playlists), I care about digital; (look at my LinkedIn, if that’s your thing?); and I care about writing, creating and pairing #hotcontent with data learnings.  

If you’re into it, let’s get Lazerpig’s $15 lunch deal sometime?